“Ronni is definitely the best recruiter on the Brussels competition law job market.She has an incredible market intelligence and is widely cross-linked with the most interesting law firms in the field. Her care of potential candidates is outstanding. Not only does she assure an enjoyably smooth transition from bar school to the job market, but she also cares a lot about potential candidates, providing guidance at every step of the hiring process. I highly recommend her and would definitely work with her again.”

German Associate, Antitrust team, US firm

“Ronni is definitely the one you need if you are looking for the best jobs in Brussels as her knowledge of the legal market in Brussels is unrivaled. I am happy that I met her and really enjoyed our cooperation. I would highly recommend Ronni.”

German Associate, Antitrust team, US firm

“Ronni is an expert in her field. Her knowledge of the legal market in Brussels is second to none. I have enjoyed our cooperation, not only because of the great result, but also because of the personal touch. I would highly recommend Ronni”

German-Belgian Associate, German firm

“Finding a first job has always appeared to me an arduous task. As a recent graduate, I was preparing myself for a stressful and time consuming process. Fortunately, I came into contact with Kanoff Legal. Thanks to Ronni and her team, I was offered – within two weeks – a position in an international law firm, in a field of expertise that perfectly fits my academic profile and professional expectations. I was very impressed by the quality and efficiency of Ronni’s method and guidance. Not only does she have a very high knowledge of the current legal market, which enables her to be aware of the latest vacancies in various sectors, but, more importantly, she shows a remarkable capacity, being a sensitive, open and intelligent person, to find positions that truly correspond to the personality and the deep aspirations of candidates.”

Belgian Associate, UK firm

“Ronni is simply the best antitrust recruiter in Brussels! Like many recent graduates, I found it difficult to navigate my way around the intricate Brussels legal market. Fortunately for me, Ronni’s knowledge of this area is second to none! From the moment we met, I was impressed by her wisdom, her efficiency and her sensitivity. She was always available to answer my questions, to help me prepare for interviews and to help me determine the position that best suited my profile and expectations. In sum, I would strongly recommend Kanoff Legal to anyone looking for a legal position in Brussels!”

Trainee, International law firm

“It is thanks to Kanoff Legal and to Ronni Kanoff personally that I am in the position to write these lines from my desk at an international law firm in Brussels. Even before my graduation from the College of Europe, Ronni ensured the smoothest possible transition from my postgraduate studies to the infamously competitive Brussels legal job market. It is this very market that Ronni has unparallel knowledge of. A lawyer herself, Ronni asks just the right questions and grasps a candidate’s profile and potential within seconds. As an experienced legal recruiter, she then carefully matches the candidates’ profiles to the job opportunities available on the market. She is -after all- the first one to become aware of those! From the very first minutes of our first meeting, I was impressed not only by Ronni’s market intelligence, but also by her bright, warm and approachable personality. Ronni listened to me carefully and duly noted my background and future ambitions. She kept me posted on job opportunities that matched my profile, ensured communication with firms on my behalf, prepared me for my interview and then finally placed me on the firm I wished to work for. In short, Ronni provided intelligent and trustworthy guidance in every step of my way towards landing a job for the first time in Brussels. And in every step of the way, I could trust that I was doing things right. To this very day, I know that I have both a consultant and a friend by my side. Ronni has an outstanding reputation in Brussels due to a set of professional and personal qualities that set her apart from other recruiters. She has rightfully earned my trust and respect and she has largely alleviated my job-search stress for the years to come.”

Junior Associate, EU team, French firm

“Ronni is by far the most effective and talented recruiter in the Brussels international legal market. She is a true expert at her craft, combining a deep knowledge of the dynamics of the market with a keen eye for appraising both candidates and firms. I was deeply impressed by her methodical preparation, high level of organization, and personable approach. I feel very fortunate to have worked with her, and could not recommend her more highly.”

Junior Associate, International Trade, UK firm

“Well what can I say? The best thing to say is always the truth… The truth is, is that there is no one quite like Ronni on the Brussels legal market. She has second to none knowledge of the firms and the people in Brussels and is ready to go the full way to represent her candidates. And that, she does with integrity and kindness that would make any candidate feel really good about him or herself. The biggest difference with other recruiters I have met over time is that she is a wonderful person that really cares. And that is very hard to come by.”

Associate, EU Competition / antitrust team, US firm

“Ronni has an unmatched knowledge of law firms in Belgium built up over many years, and the lawyers who work in them. She always has her ear to the ground. No one comes close in providing recruitment services for European law and competition law, or for Belgian law. She takes time to get to know her candidates, and listen to the needs of her law-firm clients.”

Special Competition Counsel at US firm

“Ronni is absolutely the top recruiter for the Brussels legal market. I met Ronni when I was fresh out of German law studies looking to start my career in an international law firm. Ronni worked with me (and many other people I know) in a very personalized manner every step of the way. Throughout the recruitment process, she always encouraged me to make my own decisions and never put any pressure on me. Form our first telephone conversation, I was impressed by her market knowledge and by the number of German competition lawyers she has placed at almost all top tier law firms in Brussels. She knows people at all firms and is familiar with the German system as well as the requirements of the firms here. I owe where I am today to Ronni’s ability to make amazing connections. She has a sixth sense when it comes to people.”

German-Russian Competition Lawyer in Brussels

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