“Two days after our first meeting, Ronni had scheduled three interviews for me. The next week, I was hired by one of Brussels’ most competitive law firms. The facts speak for themselves…”

Belgian Associate, Corporate team, US firm

“Having recently been recruited by Ronni myself for an international law firm in Brussels, I recommend Ronni to any law firm in the Brussels market who is looking for a specific profile or any lawyer who seeks a new professional home. Ronni has lived in Brussels and worked in the Brussels legal market for over 20 years. Since she used to be a lawyer herself, Ronni knows what it means to work in a law firm and how to match each job opening with the best candidate. Due to her extended network and close connections with the main players, her knowledge of the current legal market is second to none, and she is the first to become aware of new positions. All the above set Ronni apart from other recruiters attempting to cover the Brussels market from afar.”

Partner, IP, UK firm

“I was one of Ronni’s candidates and I can fully recommend working with her. She distinguishes herself as a highly professional and very likeable person. Her extensive knowledge of the Brussels legal market enables Ronni to look for the best candidate-client match possible. She listens carefully to the needs and wishes of her candidates and is always approachable. Besides her outstanding professionalism, she has an open-minded personality with a good sense of humour.”

German Associate, Antitrust practice, US firm

“Ronni is an excellent professional with a wide knowledge of the Brussels legal field. She is honest, resourceful and willing to help. I fully recommend working with her.”

Spanish Associate, Antitrust Associate, US firm

“Ronni has incredible capacity to understand people’s career needs and match demand and supply of highly skilled lawyers. She is extremely dynamic & energetic and has a great grasp of people’s hard and soft skills.”

Case Handler at European Commission/DG Competition

“She always goes about her work in a highly professional manner and has an in-depth knowledge of the market. Furthermore, she never fails to show tact and exercises sound judgment.” ”Working with Ronni was an exceptionally positive experience and one that led to an entirely new stage in my professional development. I was amazed by how fast Ronni handled my application – it took roughly a week from my initial meeting with her to receiving an offer from the law firm I am currently working for!  And I was even more impressed by how expertly Ronni matched my profile and educational background with the area of expertise of the law firms she arranged for me to interview with. I had previously done some research on the specialization areas of Brussels law firms myself,  trying to figure out which firms would be right for me but the results of that were a far cry from Ronni’s insider knowledge of the Brussels law firm scene.”

Associate, international firm, Brussels

“Thanks to Ronni Kanoff I obtained a position in the EU competition practice of a renowned international law firm…I believe that Ronni ‘s assistance certainly helped me to identify and materialize this fit” “My knowledge of the Brussels market was fairly limited so I thought that some support and advice from a specialized consultancy would enhance my chances of success. Ronni Kanoff at M Legal was one of the many options available but it soon became my favourite, my number one. It is often said that when meeting somebody else, only the first 30 seconds are essential in order to make an opinion about the new acquaintance while the remainder is devoted to confirm or refute this opinion. It did not take me so long (by the way, I am known to be a very diffident person) to realize that Ronni was the right person to rely on for my job hunting. In the beginning this was only a feeling, but soon I began to appreciate her expertise, efficiency, and professional dedication and, on a more human side, her ability to encourage you, to support and advice you, in general to stand on your side even when things seem not to work out as expected. I still remember the long phone calls in which she would ask, in a very discrete and polite fashion, a number of questions about my expectations and my fears. In those moments in which I was too a dreamer, she would get me down to earth, and in those in which I was too pragmatic, she would blow the wind of inspiring dreams, so to speak. I am indebted to her for her ability to finely interpret my personality and my real ambitions. For those who are simply looking for a job hunter, they will be fairly surprised to find in Ronni more of a good friend.”

Associate, international firm, Brussels

Ronni Kanoff is a “first class” professional.  She is thorough, discreet, listens to her clients’ needs and all of this with a very human touch. She handles her mandates and with lazer-beam focus, matches the candidate with the right firm or company. Ronni does her home-work and she listens to what the candidates and firms want.  I was heading the Banking and Finance group of a major Benelux firm and wanted to re-locate back to Brussels, where I had practiced for years before.  I had strict requirements of what I wanted in terms of position, compensation, and company profile.  Ronni landed a position for me as VP and General Counsel of a major blue-chip company, allowing me to bring my private practice experience into a company which needed a General Counsel with precisely my experience.  It’s a match made in heaven and the firm is as equally happy with me as I am with the firm. What can I say – she’s a “first class” match-maker!

VP and General Counsel, international firm, Brussels

“I am a recent graduate and Ronni placed me in a leading Brussels firm. Ronni has an unmatched eye for the legal market in Brussels. Ronni will guide you through all options available and provides honesty, discretion and intelligence. Ronni is a pleasure to work with and her guidance before and after interviews is excellent. Ronni will help you effectively achieve your career goals and aspirations with a personable approach.”

Associate, international firm, Brussels

“Thanks to her extensive experience and knowledge of the Brussels legal market, Ronni presents candidates to law firms that meet their expectations. She has the best interests of her candidates at heart, closely following and advising them in their hiring process.”

Associate, international firm, Brussels

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