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Our Commitment to Our Candidates

Making the decision to join your first law firm, to leave a current position, or to identify alternatives and go through the decision-making process can be a daunting experience for even the most experienced among us.

That is where an honest, well-connected, and reliable recruitment specialist can make all the difference: one who is physically present in Brussels, who really does know the market and is well-placed to identify a variety of opportunities as well as to anticipate future trends. One who also knows how to really listen and understand your particular career goals and can support and advise you, step-by-step, through the recruitment process.

As independent recruiters, we have no monthly or yearly quotas to fill. Our structure, as well as the manner in which we work, is informal and candidate-driven. We are only as good as the candidates we work with. As a result, we recruit only the highest quality candidates. We are no less demanding upon ourselves. We strive, on behalf of all of our candidates, to provide the very best service possible.

How We Work

Once we have received your CV we begin by scheduling a meeting at our office, or by conference call, to discuss your career plans as well as your prospects in the current market. We make our knowledge available to you by providing information on the Brussels job market in general and disclosing to you the names of firms with current, relevant openings. Should you decide to work with us we will proceed as follows :


CV review

Making suggestions or modifications where appropriate ;


Market strategy

Once this is thought out with you and we have your permission to do so, we introduce your CV along with our introductory remarks to our client(s). Your CV is always sent on a strictly confidential basis to our personal contacts within each firm ;


Scheduling interviews

As responses to your CV are received, we update you, scheduling interviews where requested by the client(s), and following up with firms which have not yet responded ;


Preparation for interview(s)

Prior to interview, we meet with you, in person or via the internet, to discuss the interview process and answer any questions which may arise ;


Post interview

We follow up with our clients and provide valuable feedback with respect to the outcome(s) of the interview(s). In the event of one or multiple offers, we listen to your concerns and, where requested, assist you in making the determination as to which opportunity would most be in line with your personal and career goals.