Ronni Kanoff is a “first class” professional.  She is thorough, discreet, listens to her clients’ needs and all of this with a very human touch. She handles her mandates and with lazer-beam focus, matches the candidate with the right firm or company. Ronni does her home-work and she listens to what the candidates and firms want.  I was heading the Banking and Finance group of a major Benelux firm and wanted to re-locate back to Brussels, where I had practiced for years before.  I had strict requirements of what I wanted in terms of position, compensation, and company profile.  Ronni landed a position for me as VP and General Counsel of a major blue-chip company, allowing me to bring my private practice experience into a company which needed a General Counsel with precisely my experience.  It’s a match made in heaven and the firm is as equally happy with me as I am with the firm. What can I say – she’s a “first class” match-maker!

VP and General Counsel, international firm, Brussels