“Thanks to Ronni Kanoff I obtained a position in the EU competition practice of a renowned international law firm…I believe that Ronni ‘s assistance certainly helped me to identify and materialize this fit” “My knowledge of the Brussels market was fairly limited so I thought that some support and advice from a specialized consultancy would enhance my chances of success. Ronni Kanoff at M Legal was one of the many options available but it soon became my favourite, my number one. It is often said that when meeting somebody else, only the first 30 seconds are essential in order to make an opinion about the new acquaintance while the remainder is devoted to confirm or refute this opinion. It did not take me so long (by the way, I am known to be a very diffident person) to realize that Ronni was the right person to rely on for my job hunting. In the beginning this was only a feeling, but soon I began to appreciate her expertise, efficiency, and professional dedication and, on a more human side, her ability to encourage you, to support and advice you, in general to stand on your side even when things seem not to work out as expected. I still remember the long phone calls in which she would ask, in a very discrete and polite fashion, a number of questions about my expectations and my fears. In those moments in which I was too a dreamer, she would get me down to earth, and in those in which I was too pragmatic, she would blow the wind of inspiring dreams, so to speak. I am indebted to her for her ability to finely interpret my personality and my real ambitions. For those who are simply looking for a job hunter, they will be fairly surprised to find in Ronni more of a good friend.”

Associate, international firm, Brussels